Caring for your Pearls

Proper care of your pearls will ensure longevity and a lasting beauty to be shared for generations to come.


Never use abrasives on a pearl. Harsh cleaners can scratch the delicate surface. Use only a wet soft cloth to clean it, then store properly after it dries.


Pearls get brittle when they are dehydrated. Never store pearls near heaters, keep them out of direct sunlight, and expose them to moisture regularly.


Never apply make-up, perfume, aerosols or skin care products while wearing your pearls. Wait until all beauty aids are dry. Remove your pearls before swimming or bathing, and your ring before washing your hands. Water will damage the string and dull the luster of pearl.


It is recommended that you have your pearl necklace restrung occasionally to prevent string breakage. How often you restring your pearls depends on the frequency of use.